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``I highly Recommend them!``

★★★★★ | Courtney M.

We were wanting to update our business store front, and the metal door frames and windows were in need of serious repair. Western Glass was recommended to me by a close friend. They did professional work for a lot less than other companies I got quotes from. I can't believe it.

★★★★★ | Jennifer W.

Friendly, Fast, Competent, and Knowledgeable. They helped me very much in a commercial application and satisfied the severe scrutiny of D-land I-engineers. Nice work!

★★★★★ | Anthony C.

I've used Western Glass Tinting since they were located in Costa Mesa next to Steve's Detailing. The first time I used them was in the mid 90s for a re-do after having it done at another tint place in Costa Mesa. They do a lot of exotic and high-end cars in addition to manufacturers using them for photo shoot vehicles. Since I haven't used anyone else since, I don't know if they are more or less expensive than other places. If they are more, I'd say you get what you pay for. When they tint your doors, they actually take the time to remove your door panels to install the film. Other places aren't as thorough and you can see where the tint film ends on the bottom and corners of the windows. Alvin, the owner, offered me the use of one his cars so I could run errands while my SUV was being worked on. I declined since his car was a stick shift. Since then, a family member has used them and I've referred a friend to Western Glass. My friend has actually gotten more cars tinted there than me, so that should tell you something about repeat customers and the quality of their work.

★★★★★ | Patrick B.