Stainless Steel Scratch Repair

The experts at Western Glass Restoration are now taking their services nationwide. From stainless steel scratch repair, glass restoration, graffiti removal and window tinting, these services can now be accessed across the entire United States.

Stainless steel scratch repair is not something that can simply be handled with a $20 bottle of cream from your local department store. This is why the professionals at Western Glass Restoration are now going nationwide with their stainless steel scratch repair, graffiti removal and glass repair service.
Dealing with anything from small orders to very large projects, the experts at Western Glass Restoration are some of the best in the country with the best solution for stainless steel scratch repair. With multi-step processes for buffing, polishing and restoring scratched stainless steel to a “brand new looking” surface, Western Glass Restoration is the best in the business. Restoring scratched stainless steel is always cheaper than replacing appliances or the stainless steel itself. To find out more information, visit their website at


Western Glass Restoration understands that stainless steel scratch repair and removal can be challenging to do yourself with products that give lack luster performances. This is why Western Glass Restoration makes repairing any stainless steel from elevators and commercial kitchen appliances, to any home stainless steel appliances a quick, affordable, and professional process.
Originally based in California, Western Glass Restoration has been an industry leader in glass restoration, stainless steel scratch repair, graffiti removal and glass resurfacing for over 28 years. Since opening their doors over 3 decades ago, Western Glass Restoration has mostly serviced clients in Dana Point, Greater Los Angeles Area, San Diego Area and Sand Bernardino/Riverside County. Since then they have expanded to all of California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. However, wherever there is a need for their services they have traveled, and are now ready to launch full services to the entire United States. Western Glass Restoration has been featured on KTLA 5 for helping many business owners that have been a target of graffiti and vandalism.
To learn more about Western Glass Restoration Services, visit them at or call: (949) 253-7700