Montage in Beverly Hills

We recently did work at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills which is a luxury hotel located within the famous Golden Triangle near Rodeo Drive. We restored over 400 panes of glass at this building.

Scratch Removal at Video Store

We had the oppurintiy to help out a local video rental store get some graffiti removed from it. There was only a couple of technicians on site for this job, because the rest of the crew was working on a big project in Texas. Check out the video here

When we get to the job site, we…
  • Identify the etched glass to be repaired.
  • Use specialized tools to buff down the glass to an even surface.
  • Apply special coating to help the glass look new again.
  • Buff it again until it shines!
Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Long Island Jewish Medical Center shares the title of clinical and academic hub of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. It is an 888-bed voluntary, non-profit tertiary care teaching hospital serving the greater metropolitan New York area. We Restored 7000 square feet of the buildings glass to new!