Keeping up with building maintenance and restoration is an excellent way to ensure that you add value to your structure throughout the years. At Western Glass Restoration and Tinting, we can help with a number of services from caulking to concrete sealing, and the best part is we come to you. Whether you live in Las Vegas, NV, Orange County, or beyond, we can help you with your building maintenance problem. Here are some of the quality services we provide and what you can expect from us.

Comprehensive Services for Your Next Improvement Project

There are many services that fall under our umbrella, such as waterproofing, glass restoration, building maintenance, window replacement, and more. We have extensive knowledge about sealants and other weatherproof coatings to ensure we are using the products that are compatible with your structure. When you take the time to enlist services for refinishing, you’ll be left with a building that looks new.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our consulting services. People from Los Angeles, San Diego, and further out have taken advantage of our expertise. We specialize in rappelling and always take the proper precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, as well as yours. We know that high climbing is something you’ll want to leave to the professionals. When it comes to jobs like graffiti removal, we have all of the proper equipment. We also use proven methods for calcium removal in places like Long Beach and Santa Monica.

Exceeding Your Expectations Time and Again 

When you require services for metal restoration, we’ll be ready to exceed your expectations. We’ve spent years window cleaning in Pasadena and always aim to leave our customers satisfied. Plus, we’ve traveled beyond places like Anaheim to help people across the country improve their buildings and glass. The best part is that you can expect to save money with our services because we work hard to give you affordable solutions that keep your structure in good condition.

We know that pressure washing requires that we pay attention to detail to ensure nothing is damaged. We’ve spent a great deal of time facade cleaning for our customers; however, always feel free to ask us questions before we start a project. We know that concrete protection sounds simple to some, but the process does require a trained eye and acute attention to detail to ensure it’s done properly. We’ve also handled mullion restoration for people in Hollywood and beyond. Don’t wait to make that very important call and let us help with your building maintenance and restoration.